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  • Skyward

    SkywardS1, Ep1

    Genre: Family. Cast: Mia Sinclair Jenness,Caleel Harris,Griffin Kunitz. Year: 2017. Three friends host a secret underground podcast exploring paranormal sightings in their tiny town of Wildwood, Oregon. Together, Piper, Curtis and Ira try to prove the existence of aliens and can't help but become personally…

  • Will vs. The Future

    Will vs. The FutureS1, Ep1

    Genre: Family.
    Cast: Teo Briones,Lexi Underwood,Ashlyn Faith Williams.
    Year: 2017.

    A sci-fi action comedy about middle-schooler Will, who is visited by a time-traveling, rebel warrior named Athena. Athena shocks Will when she tells him that he grows up to destroy the world.

  • A Kid Called Mayonnaise

    A Kid Called MayonnaiseS1, Ep1

    Genre: Family.
    Cast: Elliott Smith,Brooke Markham,Beth Lacke.
    Year: 2017.

    When small-town kid, Mayo Davis, moved to Los Angeles, he knew helping his mom run a motel would be exciting. What he didn't know was how lonely he would be.

  • Dino Dana

    Dino DanaS1, Ep13

    Genre: Family.
    Cast: Michela Luci,Saara Chaudry,Amish Patel.
    Year: 2017.

    Dana, a paleontologist in training, and her sister Emily embark on a series of adventures with dinosaurs.

  • Free Rein

    Free ReinS1, Ep6

    Genre: Family.
    Cast: A Manpreet Bambra, Jaylen Barron, Freddy Carter.
    Year: 2017.

    After befriending a mysterious horse during a summer in the English countryside, 15-year-old Zoe finds the strength to deal with issues she faces.

  • Switched at birth

    Switched at birthS5, Ep10

    Genre: Family . Plot : Tells the story of two teen girls who discover that they were accidentally switched at birth. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and two brothers, while Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing as a child due to a case of meningitis, grew up with a single mother…

  • Project MC²

    Project MC²S2, Ep1

    Genre: Family .
    Cast: Mika Abdalla,Ysa Penarejo,Victoria Vida.
    Year: 2015 .

    McKeyla, Adrienne, Bryden, and Camryn are four super smart and science-skilled girls recruited to join the spy organization, NOV8.

  • WITS Academy

    WITS AcademyS1, Ep19

    Genre: FAmily , Romance . Cast: Year: 2015 . Andi (Emma’s best friend)’s dream to become a Guardian has become true, and she is now training and studying at the W.I.T.s Academy, the Magic Realm’s most esteemed school for witches and wizards in training. But, as the best friend and unofficial Guardian…

  • Every Witch Way

    Every Witch WayS4, Ep18

    Genre: Comedy, Fantasy .

    Cast: Nick Merico,Paris Smith,Daniela Nieves.

    Plot : A teenage girl deals with moving to a new town, growing up and falling in love, all while realizing that she's a witch.

  • The Sarah Jane Adventures (S5 , Ep 6)

    The Sarah Jane Adventures (S5 , Ep 6)

    Genre: Drama | Family | Sci-Fi
    Runtime: 60 min | Year: 2007
    Cast: Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith | Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer | Alexander Armstrong as Mr. Smith…
    Investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith and her 13-year-old neighbor Maria form an alliance to combat evil alien forces.

  • The Sing Off ( S 3 , ep 1 )

    The Sing Off ( S 3 , ep 1 )

    Genre: Family | Game-Show | Music | Reality-TV Runtime: 120 min | Year: 2009 Cast: Nick Lachey as Himself - Host | Shawn Stockman as Himself - Judge | Ben Folds as Himself - Judge… "The Sing-Off" will feature a cappella groups performing popular songs from various genres, arranged and sung like you've…