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  • Servant

    ServantS2, Ep10

    Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller.
    Cast: Lauren Ambrose,Nell Tiger Free,Rupert Grint.
    Year: 2019.

    A Philadelphia couple are in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

  • Riviera

    RivieraS3, Ep8

    Genre: Drama, Thriller
    Cast: Julia Stiles,Lena Olin,Dimitri Leonidas
    Year: 2017

    A woman discovers her family's lifestyle has been funded by blood and seeks to protect herself and her loved ones.

  • Condor

    CondorS2, Ep10

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Max Irons,Leem Lubany,Kristen Hager.
    Year: 2018.

    A young CIA analyst Joe Turner, whose idealism is tested when he joins the CIA hoping to reform it from within but stumbles onto a terrible but brilliant plan that threatens the lives of millions.

  • Vis a Vis: El Oasis

    Vis a Vis: El OasisS1, Ep8

    Genre: Thriller
    Cast: Maggie Civantos,Najwa Nimri,Itziar Castro
    Year: 2020

    After a few years dedicating themselves to robbing jewelers, banks and casinos, it is time for Macarena and Zulema to separate.

  • Killing Eve

    Killing EveS3, Ep8

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Sandra Oh,Jodie Comer,Fiona Shaw.
    Year: 2018.

    A security operative hunts for an assassin. Based on the Villanelle novellas by Luke Jennings.

  • Defending Jacob

    Defending JacobS1, Ep8

    Genre: Mystery, Thriller Cast: Chris Evans,Michelle Dockery,Jaeden Martell Year: 2020 The limited drama series is a gripping, character-driven thriller based on the 2012 New York Times best selling novel of the same name by William Landay. An assistant DA's world is shattered when his beloved son gets…

  • The Sinner

    The SinnerS3, Ep8

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Jessica Biel,Bill Pullman,Christopher Abbott.
    Year: 2017.

    A young mother tries to find out what's causing her to have violent tendencies.

  • The Outsider

    The OutsiderS1, Ep10

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Yul Vazquez,Jason Bateman,Jeremy Bobb.
    Year: 2020.

    Investigators are confounded over an unspeakable crime that's been committed.

  • Into the Dark

    Into the DarkS2, Ep5

    Genre: Horror, Thriller.
    Cast: Diane Sellers,Aurora Perrineau,Tom Bateman.
    Year: 2018

    A horror anthology series with each episode inspired by a holiday.

  • You

    YouS2, Ep10

    Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller.
    Cast: Penn Badgley,Elizabeth Lail,Shay Mitchell.
    Year: 2018.

    A clever bookstore manager relies on his savvy Internet know-how to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him.

  • Castle Rock

    Castle Rock1%

    Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller.
    Cast: Melanie Lynskey,Ann Cusack,Scott Glenn.
    Year: 2018.

    Based on the stories of Stephen King, the series will intertwine characters and themes from the fictional town of Castle Rock.

  • Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. MercedesS3, Ep10

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Kelly Lynch,Ed Anderson,Rob Niter.
    Year: 2017.

    Tells the story of a psychopathic killer who drives a stolen Mercedes into a crowd and a recently retired detective who tries to bring him down.

  • Jack Ryan

    Jack RyanS2, Ep8

    Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller.
    Cast: John Krasinski,Wendell Pierce,John Hoogenakker.
    Year: 2018.

    Up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the center of a dangerous gambit.

  • Instinct

    InstinctS2, Ep11

    Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller. Cast: Alan Cumming,Bojana Novakovic,Daniel Ings. Year: 2018. A former CIA operative (Cumming), who has since built a "normal" life as a gifted professor and writer, is pulled back into his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer on the loose.

  • What/If

    What/IfS1, Ep10

    Genre: Thriller
    Cast: Dave Annable,Juan Castano,Blake Jenner
    Year: 2019

    An anthology series which tackles a different morality tale, and the ripple effect of a single decision that changes the trajectory of an entire life.

  • The Rain

    The Rain1%

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Alba August,Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen,Mikkel Boe Følsgaard.
    Year: 2018.

    After a brutal virus wipes out most of the population, two young siblings embark on a perilous search for safety.

  • MotherFatherSon

    MotherFatherSonS1, Ep8

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Richard Gere,Billy Howle,Helen McCrory
    Year: 2019.

    A psycho-thriller set within systems of power in politics, media, and the police.

  • The Widow

    The WidowS1, Ep8

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Kate Beckinsale,Alex Kingston,Babs Olusanmokun.
    Year: 2019.

    A woman's search to uncover the mysterious disappearance of her husband leads her to the Congo, where she's forced to seek the truth about what happened to the man she loved.

  • Berlin Station

    Berlin StationS3, Ep10

    Genre: Thriller. Cast: Richard Armitage,Rhys Ifans,Leland Orser. Year: 2016. Follows Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage), who has just arrived at the CIA foreign station in Berlin, Germany. Miller has a clandestine mission: to uncover the source of a leak who has supplied information to a now-famous whistleblower…

  • The Little Drummer Girl

    The Little Drummer GirlS1, Ep6

    Genre: Drama, Thriller.
    Cast: Florence Pugh,Alexander Skarsgård,Michael Shannon.
    Year: 2018.

    A bomb explodes in the house of an Israeli attaché in West Germany. A team of Israelis wants to stop such frequent bombings, all brilliantly planned by an elusive Palestinian. The Israelis.

  • One Dollar

    One DollarS1, Ep10

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: John Carroll Lynch,Nathaniel Martello-White,Christopher Denham.
    Year: 2018.

    Set in a small rust-belt town in post-recession America, a one-dollar bill changing hands connects a group of strangers involved in a shocking multiple murder.

  • Light as a Feather

    Light as a FeatherS1, Ep10

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Ajiona Alexus,Liana Liberato,Peyton List.
    Year: 2018.

    A group of teenage girls must deal with supernatural fallout stemming from an innocent game of "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" when they start dying off in the exact way predicted.

  • Bodyguard

    BodyguardS1, Ep6

    Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller.
    Cast: Stuart Bowman,Tom Brooke,Claire-Louise Cordwell.
    Year: 2018.

    A contemporary thriller featuring the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service.

  • Sharp Objects

    Sharp ObjectsS1, Ep8

    Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
    Cast: Amy Adams,Patricia Clarkson,Chris Messina.
    Year: 2018.

    A reporter confronts the psychological demons from her past when she returns to her hometown to cover a violent murder.

  • The Arrangement

    The ArrangementS2, Ep10

    Genre: Thriller.
    Cast: Josh Henderson,Lexa Doig,Michael Vartan.
    Year: 2017.

    TV actress Megan Morrison is offered a $10 million marriage contract with Hollywood's biggest star.